The Chamber of Horrors

This grim, staggering record of Human Cruelty throughout the ages... More spine chilling than fiction, is the only display of its kind in the world.

Here you will see authentic records of man's inhumanity to man, from medieval torture devices to that most infamous of all... Hitler's gas chambers and death camps.

You'll see blood curdling tableaux of lifelike torturers and the tortured, along with torture instruments such as

* The Rack
* The Scottish Maiden
* The Iron Cage
* The Chastity Belt
* The Execution Block
* The Strangling Post
* The Rat Torture
* The Dis-emboweler
* The Scavenger's Daughter
* The Flesh Tearer
* The Breaking Wheel
* The Scold's Bridle

A Real Shrunken Head and many others Belsen and Dachau extermination camp horror including photos of the incinerators and gas chambers.

At the same time you can see a amazing scoop of Historical documents, together with translations- such documents as Hitler's Will, plus Dr Goebbel's Appendix to Hitler's political Testament- Plus The Death Warrant of King Charles 1st.





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